Monday, December 08, 2014

Photo Finish

I have to go to the skin doctor today. Always something that I love to do; get almost naked in front of a 40 year old doctor in a freezing room while every inch of my body is inspected under a very glaring light. Yeah! Bella will be going to day care. It's too long alone for her. Actually it's too long for me to leave her; she probably could care less.

Here are some random pictures on my computer that I am sure you are anxious to see.  I think the pillow reveal will be tomorrow.  There has been some delay in the mail.  The pillows were sent before Thanksgiving.

This is a monster amount of shrimp shells that I am 'browning' to extract flavor for stock.  The pot it is in is the biggest in my kitchen.  That's not to say that they are the biggest I have but the big BIG stock pots are in the garage on the shelf.

They are combined with mire poix, water and wine for a few minutes and voila!  Seafood stock.
The employees at our work love LOve LOVE rum cake so I start the holiday season with a taste and then send them some a couple weeks from now.  I get the email from G mid day that states something like 2 and a half cakes gone before noon;  updates like that.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking and he needs more work?

Did you know that if you are looking at a picture on your phone, from Facebook or someone and you want to save it that you press down the button just beneath your screen and the top button (the turn off one) at the same time and the picture on your screen will be saved?   I  learned that this weekend.

I love my outside planters this season.  I had to wait until the soil wasn't frozen to do them.

Peggy showed me a picture of some dolls she took a picture of at the Houston quilt show.  Can you see what this chain of dolls spells?  They had me in mind!!

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maggie z. said...

the giraffe sweater is the cutest thing of all time! didn't yet recv. the pillow..i'm on pins and needles tho!! rum cakes look incredible, went to "tommy cooks" alas no reciepe for it..ok, saves me a little baking!! hope you're having very merry holidaze!!