Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Christmas Feast

The guests are gone, the Christmas finery around the house is put away for another year and I have completed all the things I wanted to do before we head south for several months. I feel pretty darn good. We have had wonderful weather and I couldn't be happier with the beginning and end of the Christmas season.

I left you in the air with the no oven dilemma. We actually got access to our next door neighbors oven to our hearts content. I managed, with minutes to spare for a hairdo, to get all things cooked for Christmas Eve and Christmas day except for the prime rib and my daughter and son in law decided to grill it on Christmas day.

Here's the first up for Food Network Magazine December 2014 issue Christmas dinner.
These are called rueben pigs in the blanket.  I would easily make them again (not fussy at all) but I wouldn't put the caraway seeds on the top like it called for.  I prefer the seeds in the sauerkraut itself.  They were a big hit.

These are crispy meatballs topped with a pickle and skewer.  They were very good.

This is the roasted red pepper soup with a pesto covered Christmas tree toast.  I added sour cream when I last tasted it before serving.  It is just what the recipe needed, so I am adding it to my copy.  I think this was on the cover of the magazine.

You can see the individual scalloped potatoes.  They were excellent.  I just loved the mix or white sharp cheddar and parmesan in with the thinly sliced yukon gold mini potatoes.

Check out this magnificent prime rib.  It is gorgeous to behold, and on a grill?

It was so wonderfully medium rare.  The kids also heated up the potatoes on the grill, the apps, a broccoli dish from the magazine Maggie made and the rolls.

The only dish that was not in the issue of the magazine was this deep dish cast iron apple pie.  It was so simple to make (store bought rolls of pie crust) and

turned out perfect except for the vent hole Christmas tree shape; it kinda collapsed in the cooking process.  It was also heated on the grill and served with vanilla bean ice cream.  Double yum!

We will be leaving first thing in the morning for Florida and depending on lots of things I may or may not be blogging for a couple more days.  That being said, Happy New Year.


Susan Turney said...

You make me so hungry and I wasn't even thinking about food!

Gayle from MI said...

Safe travels. Your feast looked wonderful!

linda sperling said...

WOW! such a Christmas feast...shared with loved ones. It does not get better than that!