Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wrapping It Up

G eats a half a banana in the morning with his granola cereal. Every single day. That means that we don't buy a bunch of bananas at a time. If we do, most of them go in a ziplock in the freezer to wait for banana bread. So, when we shop for bananas, we usually try for three; one ripe, one not so ripe and a green one, that will be ready in five days time.

Okay Tommy, get back on point! Somewhere, maybe Pinterest or some other thing on the world wide web I read that if you don't take the banana off the bunch before you need it, it will last longer. Okay, that makes sense. I then read that if you do take the banana from the bunch and cover the end that was torn off the bunch with cling wrap, it would last much longer. Again, in my little brain, that makes sense.

So G and I did the experiment, or at least part of it.

We took two bananas off the bunch that were most similar in appearance.  One was the constant and the other got it's torn off end shrouded in syran wrap.

There was not a particle of a difference in the maturing between the wrapped and control.  The only reason that I don't have a picture of the days old banana is because G already thought I took a picture of them and he was ready for his cereal and you get the picture.

Don't believe every thing you read.


SpikeMuffin said...

I'm right there with you on your banana strategy Tommy.

Synthia said...

Thank you for doing that. I've heard both suggestions about to separate or not and always wondered if there was anything to it. Now I know because you and G took the time and were so generous to share your experience. There are soooo many reasons to read your blog. (grin)

linda sperling said...

You are the berries...I mean, the bananas!

Robbie said...

I leave "my" banana on the "bunch" and only cut off 1/4 of it for Gracie each morning (she's like G..she has to have her banana every day! But minus granola!)...anyway, I cover the cut part with saran wrap...but that's just because I think it's yucky not to. I wouldn't eat it! Anyway, glad you tested this 'theory' for us! Gues it doesn't matter!