Friday, January 23, 2015

All Done

The appliance debacle is resolved. G had a light bulb moment and thought to call ABT who always does our tv stuff but they do all things appliances. They said no, we don't need to measure the opening if we know the size. They actually laughed at that. I can wield a tape measure as well as the next guy and our's was a professional carpenter who just happened to be doing work for us that measured ours.

(Side bar) My keyboard is so sticky I can barely type. I think I had dinner served on it last night!

Back to the topic at hand. ABT just wanted the particulars and then sent the cut sheets of those side by side and double ovens that fit our size limitations.

I chose this whirlpool because of the large inside capacity and the steam self cleaning.
This is the refrigerator I chose.  I don't make a horrible big deal about the purchases.  All my kitchen appliances were new just a few years ago when I redid the kitchen.  They don't make appliances to last anymore.  There was a time that you could easily have them for twenty years.  That is definitely a thing of the past.

The best part?  I don't have to be groomed and home for the installation.  G will be doing that.  Hey, how said procrastinating doesn't have it's bennies!

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