Sunday, January 18, 2015

Amaryllis and Quilts

Thank you azcupcake for the name of the flower I have.  I still don't know how to pronounce it tho'.  I can't recall ever having anything that blooms and is healthy for this short of time. Dori gave me this a week and two days ago
and it is now a beautiful flowering bulb.  I did nothing but give it a drop or two of water.  Is my gardening prowess gathering momentum?  I'm thinking yeah, it is!

I went to my second Modern Quilt Guild yesterday and am still really liking the spontaneous, relaxed manner in which they conduct their meetings and get togethers.  We have a show in Venice, right next to Sharky's (a restaurant on the beach) in an open air pavilion on February 7th with food trucks to boot. The quilts will be held up with clothes pins.  What a hoot.  Oh, and you can hang anything you want.  I don't have much here but what I do have, will go to the beach that day!  Yeah!


Corky said...

used to visit Sharkys often when my late mother lived in Venice. Love the idea of food trucks for a quilt show! Enjoy.

azcupcake said...

Am-ah-rill-us- all short vowels

azcupcake said...

accent on the 3rd syllable