Thursday, January 22, 2015


We left for the south in December without replacing our kaput double oven.  Now, we get a call that our refrigerator up north has shut down and all the stuff in it has gone bad, both refrigerator side and freezer.  That is upsetting considering that I had lots of food in the freezer.  Okay, we thought that because G is going back next week when the quilters come, we could order them from a big box store and have them installed when G is there so we can make sure all is well and so we did that, or at least we thought we did that.  When it was time to call the installer, we found out that they insisted on coming to the house to measure the oven opening.  We had already had a carpenter measure the opening but no, that wasn't good enough.  I have a house watcher but we got mad because we knew our measurement was correct, so we cancelled the order.

The mom and pop place we usually get our appliances doesn't have a website so I don't know how to order from them via phone.  Quandary.


Synthia said...

Oh, dear, life gets so complicated! If it isn't one thing it's another. Terrible thing to lose all your good cooking. :-(

Gayle from MI said...

You do the very old school calling information.

Barbara said...

Call them! I'm sure they'd be happy to help a regular customer over the phone, especially since you most likely know what you want.