Thursday, January 08, 2015

Fabric Mania (You Know What I Am Talking About!)

I think I forgot to mention that yesterdays little 'quiltlet' is called 'Find The Fabric'. The other three, which I put the basics together yesterday, are the following, but not in order as they should be displayed.

It should be
Find The Fabric
Hug The Fabric
Buy The Fabric
Stash The Fabric

This is stash the fabric, where the quilting babe was quickly sticking the purchases in a drawer when her hubby catches her and was pretty much aghast.  Even without the details, you can see intent.

This one is 'Buy The Fabric'.  It too has lots of unfinished detail.

We are all familiar with this one, 'Hug The Fabric'.  It is sometimes embarrassing but you know the feeling!!!

1 comment:

linda sperling said...

Truly, A-dorable quiltlet; I would think making the quiltlet would be mandatory, along with paying your dues!!!!