Thursday, January 15, 2015


It's another grey day. Not that I would want to be up north, but it's just not the norm down here to have several grey days. In my opinion, it's the perfect weather for driving because the sun isn't beating in on you and it's not cold or hot. You can get a lot more done in a car if it's cloudy or grey.

I have my third monthly meeting of the Welcome Club I joined in October. I get picked up by a neighbor to drive the ten miles to the meeting but she is one of the early people; the meet and greet is at 11, lunch at 12 and speaker following. I get picked up at 10:30. I am gonna have to start driving myself. That's a lot of talking. Don't worry tho', I will have my trusty knitting!


My sister in law, Dori, works close to my house and only lives an hour away so she stopped by for some chat and brought me this bulb. I already forgot what it is but it wasn't open when she gifted it to me. I am sure you all know what flower it is but if it doesn't look like a daisy, I pretty flummoxed. I sure like it though.

I went to take the picture and looked at my wine barrel basket and thought it looked like it was staged; maybe for a photo shoot but no, it just happened to look like that.

On the way to the mystery bulb I took a picture of two of my succulents that are growing babies.  These babies are little nubs on the top of the cacti (?).

This one has a new shoot coming off it.  What a gardner I have become!!!

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