Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Get To Work!

I have got to buckle down and get the quilt I am working on to a point where I can photograph it and send in in to a specific juried show. That needs to be completed this week. I have my quilter friends coming the end of next week and I don't want this insane project looming over me.  G is in Tampa golfing so it is time for me to get down to business.

I went to my second guild meeting in a week. This one was the Friendship Knot Quilters Guild in Sarasota. I'm not crazy about the name of the group but then they didn't ask me. The speaker was good but I will have to give it a little more time before I commit. I may have moved too far to the left of traditional to fit in.  They do have nice charitable things that I could be involved it so that is something.

We are in love, G and I. With this outside water feature we saw this weekend.

The water comes from the top of the ball and balls into the pool where it is recycled and completes the task over and over.  We have already found it on line but where to put it?  We are giving it some thought.

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Robbie said...

I was in Sarasota with my sister on Sunday! Cool town...took Kalee and my sisters dog with us...ate outside....just a beautiful day!!! Cool town too! What's the ball called? Would be a nice gift for my friend's BD!