Monday, January 05, 2015

Golfing Perk

For some reason there were three armadillos in the middle of the street surrounded by turkey buzzards. They were dead, of course; most likely hit by cars and they weren't together, but on different streets. It was pretty creepy. You just got to see this new feature we have on our golf cart when we traded it in for a new one. It is really something, this screen. It comes on automatically and shows where on the golf course your cart is, what hole it's on and all the gps stuff to tell you how far you are to the green, the water,the hazards and traps. The only thing it doesn't show you is where your ball is. I lost two yesterday and they were breast cancer ones so I wasn't happy about that.  It's a great tool for a more efficient golfer than myself, but I liked to look at the topography!

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