Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Need Guidance

Not that I haven't made bigger blunders in the recent past but I was blown away at the stupidity that I subjected myself to.


I bought this five part Amy Bradley pattern a few months ago and thought it was darling but I have a drawer full of darling and so I was that much more surprised that I started compiling the parts.  The decision was made when I decided to use my new learned skill (OnDemand) to catch up on some shows and I needed a project that was mindless and could be done from a couch.

I spent the bulk of two days and a little of another to choose fabric and cut out

all the pattern pieces to the first four 'quiltlets', (the fifth is the tote which I don't know if that will ever happen.

All the pattern pieces had to be cut out and the back of the fabric had to have the glue stuff (wonder under) ironed down.  When that was all done, each quilt top got a cafeteria tray for all it's parts and one at a time I was gonna tackle the placement and ironing down.  The first one was claimed to start and immediately I figured out the folly of my ways.  I don't read directions, especially when they are five pages long.  I guess I neglected to keep all the pattern pieces in the right position and so at least half of the parts to all four trays were mirror images and therefore un- useable.

I took a step back, took a very large swig of wine (okay, Crystal Light) and no longer sitting on my couch, I was back in  the studio and one by one, I redid all the backwards fabrics.

This is the first one that is done; well done is not correct.  There is lots of hand stitching to be done but you get the idea.  I may just leave this project after I assemble the other three parts correctly because at that point it can be picked up and done at my leisure, say, when I am heavily engrossed in OnDemand?  That's what got me in trouble the first time!!!!!

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