Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Little Girl

This is what happens when you leave the closet door open that houses your batting. Of course, warm and natural and quilters dream hold no interest but the high loft of this mega roll of poly, I use for charity quilts, is right up Bella's alley.

Since she was a baby I couldn't leave it out because she loved to tear it apart.  Nothing has changed and she is 8 years old already.

My goal is to finish this mega quilt I am working on before my quilter friends arrive on Friday.  I'd better get at it.

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Robbie said...

This is kinda funny...although, to this day I can't have TP on the TP holder! She'll grab the end sheet and RUN through the house or just sit and bark once to let me know she's going to grab it!! Our babies are unique aren't they!