Friday, January 02, 2015

New Years Day Fun

It was so much fun to go to a quilt shop on New Years Day because it is rare when just about anything is closed on that day. It's supposed to be the day that you stay home and don't get dressed and watch games all day. Not at my house!

My closest quilt shop is Cotton Patch and they were open from 12 to 4 with some great buys.  These rolled fat quarters were a buck a piece!  I don't know why rolled would be cheaper than folded so I guess it to differentiate between the ones that cost more.

The sale was 10 fat quarters for 25 bucks; so 2.50 each if you bought bundles of ten.

If you bought singles (not in increments of 10) they cost $2.75.  I have to be honest and say that I don't know what a fat quarter normally costs as I tend to buy in bulk.  I think the marketing strategy of buying 10 is brilliant.  Everyone wants to think they are getting a bargain right?  I sure do.

I thought that getting smaller pieces would eliminate my cutting into a two yard piece for such a small amount for my paper pieced dogs I am making for the humane society raffle.  I went to the store with I Spy in mind but they had very little that would fit into my size print I need.  That's okay; I am ahead of the game in I Spy fabric.  Does that surprise you just a bit?

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Synthia said...

Your puppy pattern is adorable!!! The quilt will be wonderful.