Saturday, January 03, 2015

Out With The Old

This is not the first time I have been asked for clarification of a recipe I have put on Tommy Cooks and
I apologize for that.  I sometimes take steps in a recipe for granted.  I have made the directions for Corn Casserole (which everyone loves, no matter how they make it!) more user friendly.  I have been told it is a great side dish when you need to bring food to pass.  Thanks!

Here is the shitty refrigerator.  Oh yeah, it looks like a movie star and costs a grand more than most models.  My guess is that whoever bought this for this kitchen didn't use the appliances except to store caviar and use the ice machine.  Every time you open a door, you get another.  It was a week before I realized that the bottom compartment had two drawers and the bottom one was so deep that you have no idea what is on the bottom.

This refrigerator is now in the garage, with all the many casseroles we brought from home stacked in the bottom freezer with all those bags of stuff that freeze and come with my refrigerated meds that come overnight,  You know the stuff I am talking about?  It is various sizes of white plastic and blue lettering and it freezes into a brick?  For some reason we can't seem to part with one of them.  It's like me and bubble wrap.  I save every scrap of it.  It isn't humanly possible to use it all if I lived to be a hundred, because it still keeps a coming.  But I digress.

Here is the new baby.  Very user friendly and not a hidden charm in the whole box.  What you see is right in front of your eyes.  I saved about $500 too, even though I would have gladly paid $500 more to rid myself of the tricked up model.  It serves us well to house the bottles of water, pop, wine, and frozen confections.  It was a joy to stock the new refrig, which Bella named Clem.  Isn't she clever?

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linda sperling said...

One person's treasure is another person's trash, right?