Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I finally got around to getting towels to hang in the upstairs studio bath. It was way too much for the rod tho'. 

Within minutes it was hanging off the wall and when I took the towels off and gave a little yank the rod was off and in it's wake was two large holes.  It probably doesn't look like much in this photo so I will take my old iPhone (4) and hold it up to one of the two holes

so you can get a better idea as to how big the holes are.  Yikes!  Now, what to do with two big holes.  A painting may be called for; I just don't know.

I did get a new phone right before Christmas that has not worked up to my high standards.  Let me rephrase that; it has been a lemon since day one.  It makes noise, changes colors, stops working to name a few of it attributes.  So after not having service for a couple days we made an appointment at the Apple store for six days later, their schedule not mine, and the appointment was for 8:10 p.m. which happened to be last night.
This is what I came home with.  A new phone. Time will tell.  It's a very good thing that I am a patient person, isn't it?  I still have a little hair left on my head, but not a lot.

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Robbie said...

Love my Samsung5...never had a problem with this one or my other Samsung's...but just like anything, you never know...like I always have said regarding doctors...they can't all be great..."someone had to graduate last in their class"!!! Hope no more hiccups!