Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Ride

Here's what I saw that was worthy enough to remember and comment on while traveling south.  First, the shocking and then brilliant thing I saw was a car off to the side on an expressway that the speed limit was 70 mph.  The parents, mom and dad, were changing a tire and the little boy, probably 5 or so, was way way back from the road with, probably Christmas or Hunakkah gifts, playing away with tons of fall leaves and having a ball.  It all came into view in seconds and was adorable.

Next,  the fact that there was a back up going into rest areas was nothing I have ever seen.  That tells you how crowded the roads are.  The good thing thing is that there are major new roadwork (probably lasting longer than G or I will) in the works to get to Florida.  G told me that he read in the WSJ that Florida now has more residents (at least 6 months a year) than New York.

The third thing that I thought was something that I can no longer remember.  I will say that we have never left the house without multiple alarms going off and many many visits from the police department.  Today was no exception.  Multiple calls and hair pulling stuff.  No problem.  Part of the thrill of leaving the house for multiple months.  And we have a house sitter!

Here is the history of a day of googling, now that I have a new iPad that has a sim card.  In order of the last time I googled it;

Actinic keratosis (my newest ailment from my derm doc)
Hearse license plates (what qualifies) I always thought they were FH for funeral home
Sophie Flack (new mom and married to Will who is no longer on Good Wife)
Applebees disco at night (there are over 100 in the south; who knew?  I did!)
Diane Sawyers husband who died (Mike Nichols)
Johnny Football (johnny manziel)
Why are the wind farms in central Indiana not moving at all; couldn't find an answer
Jim Harbaugh (I am sure you know why)

The new ref rig is bought and will be delivered tomorrow.  I am a happy camper!

Yes, we are officially the most boring couple in the universe.

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Robbie said...

I have kept a 'travel' journal for hubby and I since 1996...guess what we do EVERY trip south! Yep, read and reread EVERY entry! It is kinda fun looking at the exits/pit stops and the ones that we stop at each year without realizing it! now that's a boring couple! And yes, we had tons of traffic this year trucks...just snow birds or folks traveling south!