Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Setup

I still do not have the studio setup the way I want. I am still getting used to going up and down steps all day. I needed to get back to the project that is due at a certain stage in March so I just decided to use my desk in an adjoining room as my supplemental sewing machine table.
It is where my portable design walls happen to be too.  The studio itself is loaded with doors and windows and at least for now, I am not blocking off the outside to keep the design wall in the studio.  I need to take pictures of the whole studio to show you what I mean.  Maybe I will do that today.

Not to harp on this, but it is yet another grey day in Florida.  Did I bring Chicago weather with me, minus the bone chilling cold?

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Robbie said...

I know...what's up with this weather! Three days in a row we've had rain/clouds or both! You should see my studio set up here!!! It's a bedroom with a bed that holds all my stuff! I do have a 6 foot table for my machine and cutting board..not the best but I try to make it work!