Saturday, January 17, 2015

Windy City

We got up and dressed and ready to hit the road (walking) and realized it was barely over freezing. Martin, the kid who moved us (with help) and has been doing our handyman stuff is coming at ten and we wanted to be home for him but that looks like it was a good plan but not very well thought out. Martin is moving to Houston to teach at the university in two months. I can't believe he is leaving us. Oh well.

Frank, my California connection, sent me this absolutely gorgeous picture of the great city of Chicago.
It took me a good half hour this morning to get it from the email to the blog. Double click on the picture to see the lake in the background.  I am pathetic.  But then, you know that.


Gayle from MI said...

That is a gorgeous picture! You will surely miss your handy man. It is in the 30's here. I may bust out the tank tops and flip flops.

Denise from Sacramento said...

Wow that is a beautiful picture.