Friday, February 20, 2015

A Mini Quilt Show

Yesterday was the second time I saw my neighbor, Lynn give a talk on the history of quilts.  She is not a historian and says as much but enjoys quilts, young and old and has a flair of sharing her know interests.  The first time I saw her was a couple weeks ago when she paired up with a designer at Robb and Stuckey, a furniture store, where 80+ women showed up for the talk

The next time was at my women's club luncheon.  Here she is, fondling a quilt.

She knew a lot about the history of quilts and happens to own this crazy quilt from 1897 that she took to

stop her mother in law from taking it to a thrift store!!!

Can you imagine?  It was appraised for $2500.

This butterfly quilt was done completely by hand, appliqué, the quilting and

the buttonhole stitch around each butterfly .

This is one of Lynn's creations, and they are moths.  Lovely.

This was a pattern from the early 1900's called 'two lips'.  Get it?

No you are not seeing things,  this owl quilt was not a rectangle but cut at an angle(it is lying on top of some area rugs when I took this picture) and has been award winning and also, because of the diagonal side, was unable to enter certain shows.  The 'feathers' were made of fabric.

There were lots more quilts, including some of mine but my battery went dead so I have to end her very interesting talk half way through.

The kids come today and aside from reservations, we have made no plans.  It's a chill out visit, which just happens to include the Oscars!

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