Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Game On!

The two large quilts I have been working on for a few months have come to the point where they can be submitted for the jury (Nancy Crow). They are not bound or faced and have no sleeve or are not 'tweaked'. But they are, for the most part complete. This was the most time consuming thing I have done. I think it's the size that was overwhelming. I won't be showing them for another year or more. Ah well, on to easier and more delightful things!

 I had some girls over for mahjongg (I saw that I was spelling it wrong; two g's are needed).
It's Maryjane, Mary Alice, Linda and moi.  It was the second play for the new mahjongg tile set of Maryjanes.  It was a turquoise sparkly delight to play.  It was Mary Alice's first time playing and my fourth.  Mary Alice is a quick study.  She won two of the games.  I play again tonight with a large group.  The girls think I am ready.  Yikes!

This afternoon we are going (40 or so) to see Nic Wallenda at Circus Sarasota.  I'll take pictures.

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SpikeMuffin said...

Dang!...I thought this was about pitchers and catchers reporting today! Keep camera on silent when he's in the middle of something.