Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting Down To Business

I played mahjong yesterday and won three games!!! I was over the moon. It may be time for me to get my own racks and tiles. I will take it slowly and get the very prettiest set. You can get ones with bling and personalized with your name on the jokers. Do guys play mahjong? I haven't heard of it yet if they do.

My next ten dogs with tan ears etc, are ready to put together.  I am having some things made up to do for when my sister comes in March.  I will also get the stuff ready for the table runner that we are both making together with my new BFF Linda.

I saw this organization cart and had to buy it.  It was very simple to put together and the color is perfect.  Now I have to devise something to do with it!  Maybe a book cart like they have in the library and in the hospital?  It's a thought.  Plants are an idea but I am afraid that they would ruin the cart in no time.

Today I am going to continue with the labeling of all things studio and get a better handle on where stuff should go in the rooms.

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Robin Walston said...

I've had the same cart for two years and it has had many uses - fabric sorted for quilt projects, project life supplies and, currently, card making papers, stamps and embellishments. I'd like to have a couple more.