Thursday, February 05, 2015

Group Endeavor

Anne and I planned on making the same quilt top last summer and in fact bought the fabric last year on the same day I got my staples out of my hip. How's that for a memory? Anyway, we decided to do it when we all got together in Florida. It was on the agenda and Linda, a neighbor here decided it would be great fun to do it too. We started the piecing on Monday, spent a bit of time after the day trip on it and finished up yesterday.

 This first one is Anne's.
This was the one that Linda completed and

mine is this one.  They are completely pieced and stay stitched and ready for either a border (not me) or just simply quilting.  That will finish them up.  I think they turned out well.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Like the pattern Glad you are staying warm

Liesje Chadwick said...

Love the pattern, and in the different colours, they all have their own look.

Gayle from MI said...

Love all the colors. So different but all look great!