Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Here Piggy Piggy

I finished up ten more paper pieced dogs with brown ears, nose, legs and tail to join the eleven ones I already made with black parts for the Humane Society raffle.
I have started to cut out the parts for ten more with tan parts, and I will probably do those when my sister comes for a week visit. Now I am going to delve into something that I can't do when I have company, and that's thinking of what to do next.
While we were shopping and eating our way around St. Armand's Circle with Maggie and Evan, I noticed this charming pig that I just had to have.  It is very heavy so it had to share the dog stroller with Bella.

Bella is very accommodating and gladly shared her space.  I had to sacrifice my sweater to cover the sharp parts so we wouldn't have to be stopping off at the animal hospital on the way home.  It is pretty adorable and loves to be by the veges.  Vegan, maybe?


Synthia said...

Piggy is just toooo cute! Great find.

Robbie said...

She's kinda 'boaring' isn't she...he he he

Gayle from MI said...

Awesome pig! I collect elephants and don't buy many ant more but when I see these kinds of art work I always indulge.