Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learning Curve

My main sewing machine is fifteen years old and lately, even with having it overhauled, it gives me some trouble. I had the same issue up north and a couple years ago, got a new machine. I stayed with the same Viking brand tho' and there were many similarities so I didn't have to constantly check the manual.

The machine (used but not much) is a Bernina  and I haven't sewn on one since I bought the Vikings, some fifteen years ago.  What I am doing today and tomorrow and until I meet up with it's current owner, is to try it and read and try things again.

Here is the Bernina, sitting next to my Viking.  It looks so weird because I never thought my machine was small, at least until now.  I am sure the extra long arm comes in handy for quilting.  I will give it a shot in the next couple days.  The machine will not fit my sewing cabinet, which stinks tho' but then the Janome that I quilt with doesn't either.

It doesn't have a stitch regulator or embroidery so I will have to make sure I love it with less bells and whistles.  I am off to practice!


Gayle from MI said...

If you keep it, maybe you can have someone retro-fit your table/cabinet so it will work. My brother did that for mine. Works like a charm!

Robbie said...

I have a 1090 Bernina and a 440...I use the 1090 ALWAYS! Love that's a workhorse for sure and I love to free motion quilt on it. The 440 has the BSR but I've never have been able to use it, which is fine...I use my good old 1090!!! Goodluck!