Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh Well

Already got our exercise out of the way.  We have to work around the internet guys, as usual.  I have a mahjong game here this afternoon.

I'm a little bummed because after two days of getting to know the Bernina 750QE I was told by it's owner that a new addition is coming out this spring and that she would rather not sell it to me knowing that.  We decided to check out the new machine together when it comes out.  What a  sweetheart for telling me!
I so fell in love with the Moda Comma line that my friend Anne brought when she visited me that I had to buy it for myself.  I need to quit doing that.
I use mostly hand dyed fabrics and my stash isn't getting any smaller.  I just can't help myself.
Look at Auntie Claudia and Bella having a cocktail at an outdoor venue.  Who's cuter?  I can't tell.

We went into this restaurant in St. Pete and what did we come across but a hydroponic wall if herbs and vegetables.  The restaurant was pretty cool.  It is the Birchwood, on Beach.  Wow.  I was very impressed.

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Robbie said...

On the last trip to my sister's, we headed to Sarasota, with dogs in tow! I had a great time knowing my little girl was with us! And we ate outside...so much fun!!! Bella and her auntie do look so cute together!