Monday, February 09, 2015

Pam Morris' Solo Show

My brother Bill and his wife Claudia are coming to visit today for a week.  It should be great weather for them considering the situation in St. Louis!

My friend, Pam Morris has a show at the Venice Library and I'd like to show it to you but if you get a chance, go and see it yourself.  This picture is in the lobby of the library and it is of books painted and then embossed with donors names.  Very clever if you ask me.

The quilts will be hanging in the library until March 14th of this year.
Pam has a wonderful sense of design and color placement.

There are cards hanging on the quilts so if they seem a bit odd on the bottom right (facing) that is why.

They are all different but I definitely see Pam in them.

This one is my friend Linda's favorite but I

like this one the very best.


This is a little one and looks like a painting to me.  It is
shown on a wooden frame.

This photo was taken on an angle because the book shelves didn't allow me to take it straight on.  I love the subtleness of the gray's.

This was Pam's quilt that hung in the 'Airing of the Quilts' that I will be showing you soon.  It goes perfectly with the natural surroundings.

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Robbie said...

Very nice work from your friend...I can see why you like them as well.