Thursday, February 26, 2015

Purchasing Power

I finally went out shopping to get a couple things that I have been meaning to get for a long time.  First up, a new printer.  My printer hasn't worked for a long long time and I was compelled to use G's downstairs.  Unfortunately, you need a PhD to use his, complicated and all.

I purchased the most expensive one at Sam's Club at $124.  You can now get a printer for $65!  I opted for the cheapest one before and spent most of my social security check on ink for it.  It took me half a day to install the wifi but it's done and it works.  For how long, I don't know.  Nothing is made to last anymore.

My second purchase was also from Sam's Club and it is my very first toaster oven.  My brother was talking about using it instead of heating up the oven for something little and then listening to it cool down for another hour and he was so right.  We have already used it several times in a couple days.  My whole family uses them but I am a new recruit.  Time will tell whether or not it was a good purchase.  At least I put the toaster in the pantry for awhile!

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