Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Road Trip

We had a great trip to Dunedin (yesterday I spelled it wrong).  I was originally going to drive but things changed and that was a good thing.  I could never have driven over the Sunshine Skyway Cable bridge.  I have seen it in the past and maybe on my own I could have tackled it but not without knowing it was coming upon me with no notice.  Linda kindly offered to drive and we got to the Rainbow's End Quilt Shop with not problem.

Here we are; Anne, Jean Ann, Linda, Moi, and Peggy.  We had lunch on the water.  That will come later.

This quilt shop is like no quilt shop I have ever visited.  It was fantastic.  Almost, too much.  I sometimes get a little queasy with over stimulation and I didn't at the shop but could have easily done so on another day.

The bolts were in colors and if there was a color out of cinch with the others, it was probably because someone was gonna want some fabric from the bolt and left it there to fetch later.  I am saying this because that is exactly what I did.

This grey grouping looks almost like it could have been taken with the color feature taken off the camera, and b & w used, if not for the , dah, color!

I mean this place is mega large.  I could have taken every color way, except for the fact that there were lots of people there and the idea of the photos was the fabric, and not the shoppers.

We spent a good two hours there and then off to lunch at the waters edge at Bon Appetit.  It was a french sounding name with an native italian waiter and a standard american menu.  Not a bad mix if I say so.

Anne had the grilled grouper sandwich on a brioche.

Linda chose the brie burger with cranberry horseradish jam.

 Peggy went for the chicken salad with strawberries and blueberries.

Jean Ann and I had the fish and chips.  We were all very pleased with
our choices for the most part.  That is, until the quilt shop called and said that
they had what Anne was looking for and she could return and get it.  Check please!

We hightailed it right back to the quilt shop for another have at it!  That's what
girlfriends are for.

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