Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Last Remnants of The Quilters

We are getting down to the last remnants of our work during the quilting vacation. It's sad to see another year go by so quickly.
Jean Ann has been working on this quilt off and on for a couple years.  And if you will look to the lovely hand of Peggy, showing her long thin fingers, you will notice how
tiny the spikes are.  This is a lot of work.  She got the borders on about twenty minutes before we had to leave for the airport.  Those girls squeezed all their finished stuff, some of which I brought down for them, and all the new purchases into their very swollen suitcases.
This was not the last project that Anne worked on but it was finished within a twenty four span.  It's very fun.

Here are the girls, ignoring me and saying goodbye to the sunshine and good weather.  I don't blame them one little bit.  My guys.

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Gayle from MI said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Great projects too. All so different.