Friday, February 06, 2015

This And That

Here are some random pics.  The girls are busy quilting and because it's their last day, they are trying to finish stuff.  I will show you the rest of the quilts at a later time.

Anne is Bella's favorite.  They spend a lot of time together.  She will be sad to see the girls go but they will be replaced by another favorite, her Dad.

There were massive schefflera plants in Dunedin and noticed that they have berries.  I have seen a lot of schefflera plants but never with that.  When we walked by, tons of birds flew out of the plant.  It was like it was right out of Birds, the movie.

This is what the throw rug in front of the sink in the studio bathroom.  It's pretty much a dead giveaway that we are sewing!!
Anne has never seen  an alligator outside of a zoo, so we went scouting for one.  It's been pretty cold (70º ish) and when it is, they tend to stay in the water.  Finally we saw one going back into the water.  I found out from my new BFF that the gators come out of the water and bask in the sun to digest their food.  Didn't know.

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Irene said...

Shame on you Tommy!!! 70ish - pretty cold. You're breaking my heart - it's been hovering around -30C with the windchill around here lately. Hope you don't freeze to death at the beach today :-)