Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Painting Day

I just glanced at a pile of notes I take for various reasons and saw that I have yet to post the Texas cake and the walking taco to Tommy Cooks. In another week I will be company free and I will clean up my pile of notes, promise. In the interim I will show you what we have been up to (along with a few other things).
These are some of the painted things we made.  This one is on silk and was a pain in the neck to do.

This turned out pretty spiffy if you ask me.
My first attempt looks like something I did in the past.


We enjoyed the painting and rigged up a dollar store drop cloth with various potted succulents to hold down the occasional wind gust

in order to dry our paintings in the sun.  Then it was off to lunch!  A girl has her priorities!

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Robbie said...

At least you had great drying weather! Interesting pieces...I gave up silk painting years ago...using resits/etc. too much of a pain...but I love seeing others results!!