Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Trip To The Nursery

The day before my sis left to go back home we visited the nursery that we (G and I) now call our own.
Mike wanted one of these multi pot terra cotta, just like I have for my herbs.  I wanted her to pick out the one she wanted and then we would bring it back home with us at the end of the season.  It is safe and sound in our garage.

While we were there (with new BFF Linda) we found the ZZ plants that I have been coveting for months.  Google it and you will find out why everyone should have a house full of these.

They have really cool off shoots that are really zoom looking.

I couldn't resist this pig on his back planter.  It had my name written all over it.  I also purchased a stag horn fern to have inside it because they take little care and that's pretty much what I give my plants on the whole.

We saw this green pig (hiding in the tulip leaves) there but I had already checked out
so I took a pass on purchasing it at the time.  Then, the following Sunday, Linda and her husband
Gerry joined us with Nancy and Frank for dinner and they brought me this bouquet with the little pig head in it!!!  How cool is that?

My sis also bought a couple air plants and just yesterday sent me this picture of them blooming!!!  She was afraid to take them on the plane (all the rules for vegetation) but she went on line and it seemed like these were okay to transport home.  And no watering!!!!

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Maggie (daughter) said...

Love the plant post! Gets me excited for spring and summer. Those air plants are pretty incredible.

Maggie (daughter)