Saturday, March 14, 2015

And The Show Continues!

My sis is still sleeping so I thought I would show you more of last weeks quilt show. My new BFF Linda(just in Florida Robbie) is coming over and we are doing resist drawing, painting and who knows what today. I got lots done yesterday and will have to get the camera out of dust balls and show you some of it soon.
Speaking of Linda, this is her challenge quilt, using the challenge batik on the bottom tiles which actually were butterflies that she concealed in this 'Sarasota Sunset II".

This little number was done by Jan Nohe and is titled 'Paradise in Bloom' and it too was in the challenge and you can see her challenge batik in the border of the inner squire and the outer square.  Pretty clever.

'Capistrano' is the name of this quilt and it was done by Barbara Shapiro.
She commented on all the blocks were 'Y' seams and that was definitely a learning curve.  It turned out lovely.

This is my sweetheart pal Pam's quilt entitled 'Mangroves 3'.  She's a sucker for a stick apparently.

Check out this MQG quilt called 'Leaves'.  I love it!  Check out the quilting of the very big leaf in the center that the artist, Jann Warfield did.  Fab.

Here's the third quilt that Linda Swanson did for the show.  It is titled 'Sarasota Sunset I'.  She dyed her own fabric.
This quilt was based on something that Escher did or said or something.  I forget now but it is an original design by Elaine Ellison called 'Droste Effect' and it appears to duplicate a bird of paradise.

This is one of the cutest wedding quilts I have ever seen.  It was done by Marcia Slocum for her granddaughter's wedding.  It is called 'Borthoty Library' because the couple are avid readers.

They also like cats,

are pretty damn cute,

and to boot, it's a signature quilt with all the sayings gathered up at the wedding reception.  Love the work it took to do.  Don't get any ideas Violet or Charlotte!

'Small Silly Goose' is my kinda quilt.  It was done with fun in mind by Gail Bond.   My only wish is that the quilting hadn't gone  through the flying geese.

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Robbie said...

Whew...had me a little sad at first with that BFF comment! But I'm over it seeing all the quilts! Good inspiration!!!