Monday, March 09, 2015

Back To The Show

I did not stop yesterday from dawn (or let's say 10 a.m.) till dusk. I got it all in but it was exhausting. Time change and 80º weather had something to do with it. Today, I have nothing that I have to do. I will finish the quilt I have on the long arm and finish a small improv quilt on the design wall. I am clearing the way to freeing up my time for when my sis comes on Wednesday. That should be fun!

Now let's get back to the quilt show.

This quilt is called 'Cartwheel Constellation' by Iris Helmuth.  It was paper pieced and has thirty two different fabrics!!  Good job Iris.

This quilt was started in a Fallert class by Linda Swanson.  It is called 'Flying Fabric' and Linda dyed all the fabric except for the black.

This was Best of Show and you can see why.  It was all hand appliquéd and quilted by Donna Douglas (wasn't that Ellie May on the Beverly Hillbillies?) and it is named 'Flourish On The Vine'.

I just love the center of this quilt.  The colors are fabulous!

I love the bringing back of the old ideas.  Here is a brand new take on the crazy quilt.

Right after typing that last line I thought that would make a great challenge.  A New Take On The Crazy Quilt - Make it your own.  Up for a challenge?  Let's do this.  Let me know if you are interested and I will set up some parameters.

Anyway, back to the quilt.  It's called 'Old Things Cast Long Shadows' and it was done by Nancy Hartman.

It is packed full of goodies.

The difference between this one and one that is old is that it's fresher and brighter.  I could look at it all day!
'Flying Moon's' by Karla Lynch was her variation of a pattern.  My friend Linda is gonna do it too but with her very own variation.

Cathy Lane did this beauty, 'Pies and Tarts' with over 250 fabrics and it was english paper pieced.

This masterpiece was hand made by Helen Lucas for her son and daughter in law for their wedding.  It is called 'Flowers for Ken and Ako.

To round out this addition of Quilt Show Tommy, I am featuring 'Sharon's Sunshine Garden' by Sharon Schlabach.  I think she did a wonderful job.  It is full of goodies.

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sophie said...

I've had some ideas for a new take on a crazy quilt bouncing around for a while and I'd love to play in your challenge.