Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Cause A Stir Kitchen Club

Last month was the first meeting of the new Cause A Stir Kitchen Club.  It is to be held each month at a member's house and something kitchen is to be shared, by the homeowner, a friend, neighbor or whatever.  It's a group to get together for the love of food.

The first get together was at Corally's house and her friend and neighbor is a great cook.

They chose no hands on work for the group.  First course was golden beet served with caviar and sour cream.  It was very good.
The main course was scallops that were mixed with a bechemal sauce and wine and was baked in small gratin vessels in the oven.

Rich but very good

There was a lime ice palette cleanser.  Yum.

It ended with a meringue with whipped cream and powdered sugar dusted berries.  It was a great first meeting.  This month, it's at my house and my theme for the meeting is fun food for a crowd.  That takes place tomorrow.  I had better get to work!

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