Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We've been doing a bit of sewing each day but we need to wrap it up today. My sis has to go back home. In her wake will be the arrival of Nancy and Frank from California for a week. They don't know it yet but the corned beef and cabbage, along with crusty bread and carrots and potatoes will be their arrival meal that is left over from last night's feast. It's our secret!!
I finished up the quilting and binding of this large 2'' block quilt.

Mike finished this quilt top minus the border of dark green (which is back in Illinois).  She has worked on two other quilts in stages and I will probably see parts of them over the Memorial Weekend at the lake.

I finished piecing this quilt (33 x 26) and quilting it and facing it and hanging it.  It was made for the studio bath.  Rarely do I make a quilt just for a space but then there you have it.  That is exactly what I did.

Sayonara Sis.

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