Friday, March 27, 2015


If you are interested, I have added Walking Taco and Texas Cake to Tommy Cooks.

We went to a german restaurant last night with our Traveling Forks group and it was a fun experience and brought back lots of food memories for the two years that we lived in Germany.  I ordered Hunter Schnitzel which is veal schnitzel with spƤtzle and a creamy mushroom bell pepper cranberry sauce.  It was wonderful and I have enough left over for tonight too!  One thing though, our reservations were for six p.m. (I'm in Florida after all) and as we were ordering dessert the waiter said that we needed to leave the tables at 7:30 for the next reservation.  7:30 was in four minutes from when he told us.  That has never happened to us before.  We all decided that they should have told us when we made the reservation.

Speaking of leftovers (which I happen to love) I got this email picture from our newly departed guest, Frank, that his daughter sent to him because she opened the refrigerator and saw little Calvin's leftovers and
he wrote on the big one, his name, Cal Watson, and underneath it says Dad, do not touch.  The cup one says, Same with this one.  Priceless coming from a ten year old.

The golf course is full of mothers and fathers and new baby sand hill cranes.  It's so fun to watch.

We all went out in the yard to look at a pretty large turtle  (or tortoise) by the front door.  He was a good foot long.

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