Sunday, March 29, 2015


We (G, Nancy and Frank and I) went to a art fair last weekend.
Both Nancy and I fell in love with the gourds that were on display at one tent.  I ended up getting this one

and was so enamored with it that we found out where the gourd lady was displaying this weekend and went yesterday and I purchased yet another
decorative gourd.  I love each and every one she has.  Nancy bought one too and it is now safely back in California.

My new addition is on display on one of the two shelves on

my kitchen island.  I didn't realize how crooked they were until I looked at this picture.  It has since
been rectified.

I also have this gourd that I must have bought over ten years ago.  I turned it around and inspected the signature of the artist and sure enough, It was the same gal.  I guess we really like what we like.

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Robbie said...

These are so much more 'artsy' than others that I've seen!!!