Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's A Dog's Life

We took Frank and Nancy to the dog track in Sarasota.  It was as I expected, a little seedy.

The parking lot was quite full and we found out after perusing the place that the main draw was a massive poker area, almost full.

I think I may have gone to a dog race when I was first married, around
Bonita Springs, where my brother lived at the time but I may have dreamed that.

We got a program and started placing $2 bets on the dog of our choice.  There were fourteen races and the dogs only ran once.  I lost the first race and won the second ($5).  This photo is of the dogs being walked to the starting gate by their handlers.  There were 8 dogs in each race.
This is the ticked they give you when you place your bet.
This dog just did not want to walk to the starting gate.  He had to be gently tugged and we later realized that it was a game to him.  He raced just fine!

When the race was ready to start, the handlers left the dogs and ran back to where they started from.
Then the mechanical rabbit started and off to the races

the dogs went.  This was reenacted 14 times each matinee.

We stayed for ten and I was the only winner, winning a Quinella and pocketing 44 bucks.  I have the gift.


SpikeMuffin said...

Excellent reporting Tommy!

Synthia said...

I went to dog races once, over 55 years ago!!! I thought it would have been more interesting with a live rabbit.

Mike said...

I think we all went to the dog races with Dad when we went to Florida for John and Ali's wedding. I remember it being lots of fun.

linda sperling said...

I went to the dog races in Bonita Springs, so you were not imagining it!