Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just A Couple A Things

We are up and rocking this morning.  I have already had a delivery from Amazon  Prime (my have), and on a Sunday morning!!!!  I was finding myself very jealous of Linda and her new little iron that she got when we took a field trip to Rainbow's End Quilt Shop in Dunedin.

So, when she wasn't looking, I became a copy cat and ordered me two on Amazon and for five bucks each cheaper than she paid.  I will never breath a word of it to her tho'.  One will go home and one will be parked by my machine when I am back to paper piecing my dogs!

I thought you'd like to see how tiny it is; the bobbin is from a featherweight Singer and it is modeling to show you the tiny size of the water cup and the iron itself with it's wonderful LONG cord.  You actually palm the top of the iron to use it.  Very clever.

Speaking of clever,   look at this fetching was to hold your bobbins without them unravelling.  It's one of those foam things you put between your toes when you have a manicure.  I'm for sure gonna steal that idea.

Linda set up her cute work station.  You an tell she was a teacher; she is very organized.

Remember this to die for quilt I can now call my own by Carol Taylor.  I first put it up with push pins to see how it would lay because it is not a a straight line sided quilt.  I was up for almost a week and seemed to lay perfectly so I went ahead and got some pins and matching
buttons and secured the quilt in

three different places and I think
that it will work out swimmingly.  It adds a little fun to it too.

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