Friday, March 13, 2015

Modern Patchwork

We started this project at 10 a.m. yesterday. We had already picked out our fabrics and pre washed them for the table runner. I had made copies of the instructions and made the templates out of that plastic from JoAnns. We were ready to cut out. Here is what we finished by dinner time with a little sojourn into town for some mexican food for lunch (after all it was 88°)!  There was definitely a learning curve for the curved angles and the very matchy matchy everything had to be.  I don't sew much like that anymore.

Here they are.  This is my sister Mike's.

This one is mine;


This one is Linda's.  I think they are all spectacular.  They are around 24 x 75 finished.  We have yet to quilt them or bind them; that will come later.  Less bulk to take home in my sister's suitcase.  We are always thinking.

Next project planned is for tomorrow.  We are resist drawing.