Friday, March 06, 2015

My Day For 'Cause a Stir'

I think this is the first time I filled out the title of the post slot before writing it. I was so confused with the lack of routine that I then pushed publish and except for the title, there was nothing on the blog. Need more coffee!

I am spending the next couple days at the Friendship Knot Quilt Guild that I recently joined. I don't have any quilts in the show, due to my rookie status. In fact, you have to be in the guild two years before you can show in a show. I am not concerned with that at all. I like the camaraderie of the group and the fact that it's in the town next to me. I will be doing some work but the organization skills are not up to snuff because I haven't gotten my time slots yet. Thankfully G is golfing both days so what we do can be done afternoons or early evenings. If you are out and about, come and see the show and me; I even have a correct name tag!!!

My day to host our Kitchen Club was yesterday and very fun. Unfortunately because I was the 'demonstrator' I had little time to document the goings on as I would have liked.   We started with rifling for bar stools and water and then I proceeded to walk them through the making of an Omelet in a Bag. 

It was a terrific hit and everyone wanted to try it out on the company they all have A LOT! Next up was the Walking Taco, or another name for it is Taco in a Bag.
Here is a view of some of the girls assembling their bagged taco

They had a lot of choices to put in both the taco and the omelet.

Breakfast and lunch over and it was time for 'Frogmore Stew' or a 'Low Country Boil' for dinner.
It boiled new potatoes, small pieces of corn on the cob, kielbasa and shrimp.  It's a classic I make almost every year.  I serve the meal on pie tins.  And the beverages are served in
ball jars.  This years concoction for the jars was 'Sex on the Beach'.
The dessert was Texas Cake where everyone get's their own fork to eat as little

or as much as they want.  So I started with breakfast, lunch, dinner and ended with  dessert, all fast fun food for a crowd.


Marybeth said...

WANTED! Details regarding taco in a bag and Texas cake. Please enlighten. It sounded like a great party!!

Robbie said...

Didn't you do this Taco in a bag on your blog before? Sounds are like a tornado! And, as always, a great hostess!!