Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Put To Good Use

I got to thinking about my long arm down here. It was dismantled for the move and then again for the change of the floor from carpet to wood so I decided to use it. I had put this quilt top together when I had quilting guests (a no brainer) and brought it down here to quilt.
It ended up being a couple inches too wide (the long arm is 8 1/2 feet long) but I made it work.  While I was doing that I had company.  Linda was over and I wanted her to learn the long arm so she could use it when I was away (or here, either way).  While I was giving her instructions she mentioned another friend was interested in learning and so I gave Carole a holler and they both joined me yesterday

for a lesson in longarm.  It was a fun day and within a matter of 4.5 hours they each had a quilt done.  I will feel so much better knowing the the long arm will be used those six months that I am away.  This could never have happened at my old location.  There wasn't anyone on the island that could even sew!!!

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