Monday, March 02, 2015

Size vs Cost (Relevant?)

This is probably an odd thing to compare but it just stuck with me for a couple days and so I thought I would share.

I decided to not use valuable drawer space for tools and so went to Target and got these tool boxes.  The bottom one is 20 ' wide and has a top shelf that is removable and the little one on top was inside.  The whole cost for them both was $9.99.

On my way out of JoAnns, looking at all the magazines they put so that you will see them while waiting in line and buy one certainly worked for me.
I got this one that was sealed in plastic and had this little four page kid sweater along with it.  After I paid my bill the gal circled something and said that if I go on line and fill out a questionnaire. I will get a 50% coupon in my email directly after filling it out.  I got home and found my receipt and was looking at it to do the questionnaire and saw the price of this magazine.  $13.  Wow, what a shocker.  Maybe because it was from the U.K. but still.  I got took.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Tommy,
Here in Australia, the cost of an Australian Patchwork magazine is around the $10.00 - $12-00, but if I get the American ones, they are around the $20.00. And I don't think I have ever seen those boxes here that cheap. Even quilting fabric, here it is around the $20 to $25 per metre for good quality, and some are more. Ah well... I do enjoy reading your blog.