Monday, March 23, 2015

Spike Is Filling In

SpikeMuffin here guest blogging for our Material Girl who deserves a rest from her company from the West.  We are enjoying our visit to Florida and are learning new things every day.  Tommy made us all go out and walk the first morning here and we came across this majestic Sand Hill Crane in full bloom.

They are really elegant birds and I was going to stop and come up with a name for her but I was told to keep moving by the drill instructor.


As you all know, "Tommy Cooks" and last night's dinner was a prime example of her creative versatility.  If you notice the fine table cloth don't fret, she has reams of this stuff in large rolls hanging in the garage.  The meal was "Grilled Poached Sausages with Roasted Peppers and Onions" which you can find on Tommy's website.  This is all served over a bed of Mascarpone-Parmesan Polenta which was new for me but I actually liked it as it was the perfect complement to the protein and vegetables. Best part?….when the meal is done you just wrap up the "tablecloth" and throw everything away!


For some reason when we're around Tommy finds any excuse to get out of here to run some errands.  While you can't see her hasty departure this is Bella watching her car as she speeds out of the driveway.  
She doesn't miss a trick around here.

She can be fickle however as we see here in a regal pose as she helps Nancy read her book.  Bella doesn't say much and she's a perfect companion!

The "G"-Man is going on a fishing trip next month and is shown here working on his game in the backyard.  I stayed behind the screen for this shot as I had visions of a gator thrusting out of the willows
for a snack of man legs.  He returned intact with no fish.


Here are the girls playing a little "Sequence".  Sometimes I forget but I think they've been playing this game for 30 years and never seem to get tired of it.  They won't let me play.

Well, they're stuck with us for a couple more days but she probably won't let me do this again, it's a control thing.  Once we get the cable guy out here to fix some gizmondo this morning we're going to the dog track.  No, Bella will be staying here.  We can't have her jumping the rail and chasing after the professionals.

SpikeMuffin signing out and Melody, if you're reading this, I want some socks!  Bright colors only.  Thanks!

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