Monday, April 27, 2015

All Packed Up For The Day

I have been invited to join a cottage group which is just like a quilting bee but with a different name. It is called river cottage group and I have no idea why. It meets once a month and is an all day, bring your lunch thing where you do your own thing for the most part along side of like minded quilters. I have my cooler stocked with some Arnold Palmer Snapple, tuna salad, sliced peaches and pirate booty. I was afraid I would get hungry and so as per usual, I overdid it. There is always several inches left on each piece of fat bat I use on the long arm for charity quilts. I can't bear to throw it away so I started stacking them in the corner of the studio until I find a use for them. I heard this very weird sound and looked up in time to save most of the 80" long strips of batting, and only lost a bit before I scrambled to stop the damage my little girl was inflicting. They are now up high on my desk temporarily.
The hand work on the facings on the back of the placemats are finally finished.  I am really liking them.  I think I may make more of these.

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Robbie said...

Placemats look like a good project for August..but I'll most likely still be working on my hexes!