Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bella and Flora

Yesterday the blogspot was down but it's up and working today. I don't know if it's in the air but now my iPod doesn't work and that is what I use to listen to books on tape while I am long arming. I think today will wrap up the charity quilts for this spring session.
Bella is past waiting at the front door for G to return south. Me has been gone for 8 days.   He returns late tonight.

A bit more flora.  The tree with the roots that are all around the base of the tree I showed you a few days ago is a Cypress tree (thanks Mechelle, you saved me from looking into it!)

I have two major bushes that are beautiful now and I found out that they are Desert Rose.  They are quite spectacular.

Also, I have several old orchids that I put in the orchid crates last year and the first one has just did a wonderful bloom.  I was so tickled to see it.   Hopefully I will see some more come to life like this one.

Back to the long arm!

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