Friday, April 10, 2015

Busy Work

Blogging has gradually been done later and later in the morning (or it seems so to me).  The weather is between 80º and 90º almost every day and it's getting hotter earlier in the morning.  It's best to get the walking and golf practice in before it get's too hot.  I have even succumbed to air conditioning!!

Today is the Chicago White Sox  home opener and G and his brother, Peter and his friend Frank are going.  Go Sox!

For some reason I haven't felt like knitting lately and it bugs me because that is what I like to do while watching tv.  I will have to get a new hand appliqué going but in the mean time I am doing this little hexes to make fabric which will probably eventually be a tote bag or something like that.

I start out with the Lean Cuisine plastic containers.  I clean them and cut the rims off and then take a silver marker and trace around a little hex pattern.  It measures in from flat side to flat side at 1 1/4".
I cut them out and use a hole punch to make a hole in the center.

I cut out cotton scraps so that there is at least 1/4" of fabric bigger than the hex.
I use a tiny pin to stabilize the fabric with the plastic.

I go from one corner to the next with a needle and double thread to secure the fabric
around the plastic.

The is what the top looks.  Of course, your remove the pin.

They are sewn together by hand, with plastic still in by putting right sides together and doing a
whip stitch.  You can pop out the plastic when the hex is completely surrounded with sewn on hexes.  You just use something like an orange stick or anything you can get under the plastic and pop it out.

I know some people do this with paper but it's way to weak for me.  I like the sturdiness of the plastic.
It's just random color selection and I only use scraps.  It makes delightful yardage that I will eventually use; I think.

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Robbie said...

Have you seen my hex horse I did with hexes?? I'm now working on background hexes to use the 'horse' I cut out...check my blog and do a search on hex don't have anything else to do! HA HA HA