Friday, April 03, 2015

Cause A Stir Kitchen Club

Cause a Stir Kitchen Club was again, a smashing success. It's really a reason to get together but still the innovative things that these girls do is inspiring.

It started out yesterday with entering Sue's kitchen to tons of bowls and plates of ingredients.

We were each given a eggplant rollatini with asparagus and a cranberry almond cracker with wonderful cheese called something like Gormandise.  I have probably butchered the name but it's close enough

We had a choice of water or prosecco or water.  Decisions, decisions.

Then came a masterful caesar salad and then we made our own flatbread pizza's

with any ingredient imaginable.  I went the caprese way.

Everyone likes everyone else

and there were smiles all around.  Great ladies.

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Robbie said...

You must attract great cooks because you are one yourself! How much fun is this!!