Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Delicious Art

I happened on a booth at last weekend's art fair in Englewood that I fell in love with. It is digital art. It's a married couple that starts with an original design and then cut, piece and sew cotton batik fabrics to create a unique fabric composition. The work is scanned and the image is transformed and enhanced using digital technology. The finished piece is printed on aluminum or canvas using archival pigments. The website is  The artists are Staci and Bill McLauchlan.

I bought this one on Saturday and got it home and decided I needed another.
Sunday I went back and purchased this one.

Then I hung them (with a fashion model at the bottom of the page).

I bought another for the lake house.  I couldn't stop looking at them.  Staci started out as a quilter!

The back is pristine with the front on aluminum and then a riser and another piece of aluminum signed and ready for mounting.  Love the color combos too.


Synthia said...

You discover the most interesting and beautiful objects!!

Robbie said...